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The Banque Havilland and Banque Pasche Connection

Banque Pasche has been in existence since 1885, and has become one of the most important and prominent international asset management companies in the world. Over the course of the past couple of years though, there has been a substantial amount of rumbling about a possible takeover. A number of different financial institutions and companies have been rumored to have a role in the takeover, but one of these stands heads and shoulders above the rest – Banque Havilland.

This institution has only been around for a fraction of the time that Banque Pasche has. In fact, it’s only been in existence for six years. However, in that time, they’ve made some great strides. They’ve already been whittling away at some of the satellite locations that once belonged to Banque Pasche. In 2013, they took over the Liechtenstein office, and within a year, they had majority stakes in two of Banque Pasche’s other locations – Nassau and Monaco.

It’s obvious that Havilland sees potential in the other locations that Banque Pasche retains, namely the locations in Switzerland – Geneva and Zurich. The owners of Banque Pasche, Credit Mutuel CIC announced that the bank was being held for sale, and that the assets were available.

Havilland clearly sees this as an opportunity. They know that Banque Pasche has a substantial amount to offer still, and they know that it aligns well with their business model. Both of these smaller banks gear their services and features towards a certain type of high-end clientele. In fact, their clients tend to be some of the wealthiest people on the planet. Even though Havilland is doing quite well for itself, it doesn’t have the same recognition that Banque Pasche has attained over the years.

By acquiring the company, it gives them access to an even larger base of wealthy clients. They have not been shy about their desire to grow and spread to as many other parts of the world as possible. In fact, they just opened an office in Moscow. With Banque Pasche folded into them, it can help to provide the reach they need to start working in other areas of the world.

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